The Prince Who Liked Being a Frog

(30 min. animation script)

In this modern fairytale a prince finds love and a musical career with friends among the lily pad set; a wicked witch gets a longed-for nose job and children no longer fear her; and a nasty princess becomes a rock star, (Still haven’t found a producer for this).

The Great Canadian Tourtière Robbery

(children’s story, unpublished)

When a bugaboo intent on spoiling Christmas  for a small northern Ontario town steals all the holiday baking ,  it takes two children, a brother and sister,   to outwit the culprit and  make sure  the tourtières a recovered in time for the holiday.

The Status Quo

(short story, runner-up and prizewinner, Toronto Star short story contest)

Is the woman who answers  the lonely hearts  newspaper ad of a randy middle-aged accountant his wife or not?  He doesn’t  stay long enough at the rendezvous to find out. He can never ask her and she will never tell him.

Quingming: a piece of the ‘real Canada’

A memoir about my acceptance by a Northern Ontario community included in the Ottawa Independent Writers anthology, One Five O, marking Canada’s 150th birthday  this year.

Also tons of newspaper copy on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Bridle Cull Vanishes

A 7,00 word  free short story introducing the protagonist and  sidekick of  A Jacketing Concern.  To obtain it,  just go to the Contact form on this website. Fill it in and I will send you the story.