An intriguing tale

“A Jacketing Concern is a wonderful romp throughRegency London.  The author gives wonderful descriptions and characters for this intriguing tale of danger, betrayal and odd companionship.  In the end you find yourself sympathetic to the rogues.”

Christy Nicholas, author of Legacy of Hunger, Better toHave Loved etc.

Overtones of mystery and romance

LONDON 1811: Lord Davenant lies entangled  in the arms, and charms, of a famed Regency courtesan when their tryst is unexpectedly interrupted. A cloud of billowing soot heralds the fall of a young “climbing boy” into Harriette Wilson’s boudoir. This sudden appearance thrusts Davenant from his comfortable bachelor life into a different and more dangerous world. It quickly becomes apparent that the lad is no ordinary chimney sweep.  Addy is a young boy fluent in French, reading and mathematics. He even knows a bit of Latin. The mysterious abduction of the boy intrigues Lord Davenant and brings  excitement and suspense in its wake.

Margaret Southall  vividly creates Regency London in this charming novel. The book transports the reader to the England of 1811, with a vividly drawn cast of characters from all walks of life. Unexpected twists  in the tale keep the story going at a comfortable pace until the mystery of Addy is resolved and Lord Davenant’s pleasurable bachelor existence is thoroughly overset. Readers of Regency novels and of classic historical fiction will enjoy this well-researched novel, a story with overtones of mystery and just a hint of romance.

Susan McDuffie, author of the award-winning Muirteach McPhee mysteries