“jacket , -v- ‘this term — jacket — is more properly applied to removing a man by underhand and vile means from any birth or situation he enjoys, commonly with a view to supplant him; therefore when a person is supposed to have fallen victim to such machinations, it is said to have been a jacketing concern'”  1812 J. H. VAUX : 1823 Egan’s Grose etc….

Eric Partridge: The Wordsworth Dictionary of the Underworld (1995)


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Margaret Southall reading from her novel

”  a vividly drawn cast of characters from all walks of life…Lovers of  Regency novels and of classic historical  fiction will love this well-researched novel, a story with overtones of mystery and a hint of Mromance.”

Susan MacDuffie,author of award-winning Muirteach McPhee Mysteries


….Southall imagines a richly detailed world… her story is filled with complex characters, suffused with humanity, from every social caste.”

Adrienne Dillard, author of Cor Rotto: A novel of Catherine Carey


“…a wonderful romp through 19th centuryLondon…wonderful descriptions and characters for this intriguing tale of danger, betrayal and odd companionship…”

 Christy Nicholas,author of Legacy of Hunger (Druid’s Broach series} and Better to Have Loved.

In this debut novel Margaret Southall’s strong evocative writing brings  the Regency era before our eyes as we travel alongside the characters involved…

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